Castelbel, a touch of Portuguese tradition.

Inspired by the warmth of the Portuguese sun, Castelbel’s products have captured the aromas, colors and ambience of the country and their rich, evocative fragrance nourish the soul with the spirit of Portugal.

Headquartered in the Greater Porto area, near the valley of the Douro river in the Northern Portugal, where the hills fall steeply down to the water’s edge and the land is covered with the sun-drenched terraces of vines and olive groves, Castelbel manufactures and sells fine toiletry soaps and other luxury fragrances products for the body and home.


Castelbel hotel line Orange-Verbena

Fragranced with a vibrant mix of fresh verbena leaves and sweet ripe orange scents, the Castelbel Orange Verbena body care line truly captures the essence of a sunny Portuguese Summer day. With sparkling accents of juicy citrus fruits and a subtle musk and flower base, this clean, invigorating scent revives the senses and refreshes the mind.


30 ml / 1.01 fl.oz

Shower gel



Body lotion

20 g / 0.70 oz

Aromatic soap - pleated


Rad White & Black

Navrhovaný rad doplnkov

  1. Kúpacia čiapka
  2. Kúpacia čiapka a gumička do vlasov
  3. Súprava na šitie
  4. Manikúrová súprava
  5. Hrebeň
  6. Utierky
  7. Rukavica na čistenie obuvi
  8. Špongia na leštenie obuvi
  9. Toaletná súprava
  10. Vatové tyčinky
  11. Odličovacie tampóny
  12. Lufa
  13. Dentálna súprava
  14. Súprava na holenie